GtkLabel as a child of a windowless widget

Hi all!
  I'm creating a Widget based on GtkFrame, with little differences:
1) It's not a container
2) It has the GTK_NO_WINDOW flag set.

I'm going to use this widget inside a GtkFixed container, with the only
goal of having it paint its frame (and draw its label) on the screen.
I want it windowless, so that I can insert other widgets which will
appear to be inside it, but which will be actually be owned by the

I know this is not really senseful, but I need such a widget for porting
lots of applications from Prolific's Panther GUI to Gtk+.

The problem I have, is that the frame label isn't drawn. I'm not sure if
there are any operation I should do on it... I just create it, and call
On size_allocate, I'm not sure whether the child's x and y members of
the size_allocation struct should be relative to (0,0) or to the parent
widget's x and y allocation (since the parent is windowless, too). But
this won't work in any case...

Any hints? I have no clue.

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