locking around source_funcs->finalize

hi Owen.

reading up on g_source_unref() again, i notice that the GMainContext lock is removed and re-acquired around
callback_funcs->unref(), but not around source_funcs->finalize();
supposing you're unlocking around unref() so that the
handler may do things like adding a new idle handler
to the context, shouldnt the same semantics be provided
for source_funcs->finalize() as well?

static void
g_source_unref_internal (GSource      *source,
                         GMainContext *context,
                         gboolean      have_lock)
  gpointer old_cb_data = NULL;
  GSourceCallbackFuncs *old_cb_funcs = NULL;

  g_return_if_fail (source != NULL);

  if (!have_lock && context)
    LOCK_CONTEXT (context);

  if (source->ref_count == 0)
      old_cb_data = source->callback_data;
      old_cb_funcs = source->callback_funcs;

      source->callback_data = NULL;
      source->callback_funcs = NULL;

      if (context && !SOURCE_DESTROYED (source))
          g_warning (G_STRLOC ": ref_count == 0, but source is still attached to a context!");
      else if (context)
        g_source_list_remove (source, context);

      if (source->source_funcs->finalize)
        source->source_funcs->finalize (source);

lock is being held if have_lock || context.

      g_slist_free (source->poll_fds);
      source->poll_fds = NULL;
      g_free (source);

  if (!have_lock && context)
    UNLOCK_CONTEXT (context);

  if (old_cb_funcs)
      if (have_lock)
        UNLOCK_CONTEXT (context);

      old_cb_funcs->unref (old_cb_data);

no lock is being held.

      if (have_lock)
        LOCK_CONTEXT (context);


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