Re: EggRegex

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
Last time I checked, PCRE's didn't use Unicode Character Database to
classify characters and so is a poor choice for a highlighting engine
and definitely suboptimal in GNOME.

It supports utf-8 and Unicode properties. Don't ask me more about this because I know very little about Unicode :)

 I believe GNOME
should use the GNU regexp engine.

It's slower and doesn't support some patterns supported by pcre.

PCRE benefits:

- it's faster

- has more advanced regular expressions

- supports partial matching (using the pattern ^ab against the string a the match fails but pcre knows that there is a partial match so adding more characters may lead to a match), see

- DFA matching (matching <.*> against <a><b><c> you get <a>, <a><b> and <a><b><c>)

Marco Barisione

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