[Double-Buffering] Problems with spinner widget...

Sorry for bothering again,

(this is just an explanation is not there to act up)
some of you maybe already know that I am tinkering with GTKs
double-buffer mechanism to allocate only one large pixmap for the
toplevel window, share this buffer for all sub-windows and keep this
pixmap as long alive as the window is in a state where it maybe has to

This works quite well (gftp, gtk-demo, FireFox), however I am
experiencing some problems I don't understand the root of:

1.) Spinner widgets are obscured. The spinner-buttons are shown twice,
once where they should be and the second time somewhere in the
textfield - when I force an expose by moving a window over the spinner
area the buttons are drawn over the whole textfield.
(please have a look at http://web460.server3.webplus24.de/broken_spinner.png )
I wonder which assumptions I could have broken or why only the Spinner
behaves such special. Any ideas?

2.) Checkboxes in FireFox stay highlighted (=blue) when I move the
mouse over them.
However thats not such a problematic issue.

Any hint would be really helpful, thank you in advance.

lg Clemens

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