Re: Failed building Mozilla Firefox on GTK with the DFB backend

On Jul 4, 2006, at 5:20 AM, karuna karan wrote:

Hello All,

step1: I successfully built GTK+2.9.1 with DirectFB- on FC3.
step2 :I am trying to build firefox1.5.0.3 with GTK+2.9.1 which was built in

Configuration options are
../configure --enable-application=browser


gmake[2]: Entering directory `/root/pfcbrowser/mozilla/widget/src/ gtkxtbin'

It looks like the mozilla build system's support for building with gtk + and without x has either bitrotted or never been used. I'll guess that the decision of whether to build gtkxtbin (which sounds an awful lot like a gtk+ bin widget that can nest inside Xt containers) is based on whether you are using gtk+ and not also whether you are using X. It may, in fact, be necessary to create a DFB version of this widget if sufficient infrastructure does not already exist in mozilla.

So, this looks more like a question for the mozilla maintainers than the gtk+ team. Be patient, because today is a holiday for USians, and many of the people who'd know the answer probably won't read email til tomorrow.

Disclaimer: i just deleted my jhbuild mozilla source directory yesterday, and am making guesses based purely on the compiler output you posted. YMMV.

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