Re:Failed building Mozilla Firefox on GTK with the DFB backend

Hello Karunakaran,

> I apologize if my earlier post has offended you/any other member of this
> list.
> As a matter of fact, I have been in touch with Attilio, Mike and a lot
> of other people regarding gtk+ 2.x on RHL FC2/3 builds. Let me explain
> further:I was trying to get mozilla on gtkdirectFB up and ran into some
> issues. I was hoping someone working on gtk+ development might have
> already tried this out and thus the previous call for help.

Well I hope I wasn't rude as that was not my intention. it was just one of
these days where I got a lot of off-topic e-mails on the lists I follow, as
well a lot of mails with questions that could have been resolved if the person
in question would just have looked at the error output or used $SEARCH_ENGINE.
So I hope I did not offend you.

> >Step 1: Look up the *correct* mailing list
> This might not be *the* correct list: but definitely appeared (at the time
> of
> posting) to be a good candidate for further information.

Indeed there are a lot of compentent people around here, and the name of the
list might be slightly confusing if we look at the traditional naming schemes,
but this list is about developing GTK+. Which is different from developing

> >Step 2: Only mail the good one. Don't randomly mail one and cc it to tons
> >of
> >different people that you might not know.
> I had mailed it to one group and only after pondering over the consequences.
> I had cc-ed it to people I knew/thought would be interested.

I should have specified that I assumed you did not had previous dealings with
them. It is just that I had too many e-mails directed at me randomly because I
might be involved in some way with a project/problem they are dealing with. So
no harm done...

> >I really wonder what gtk-devel has to do with mozilla. There are probabely
> >tons of mozilla/firefox mailinglists where you could ask this
> The build had hit a gdk/gdkx problem while building Firefox with gtk as the
> toolkit.
> BTW: not having got any replies either from the mozilla-builds group and
> this must
> have accounted for the franctic posting!

Well unfortunately they are not support hotlines so it could take a while...

> [...]
> >Seems it is still looking for X components.... gdk*X*.h should have pointed
> >that out to you.
> >[...]
> Indeed. Seems to be a problem with the build system. This comes back even
> after
> disabling the xft font stuff. Need to dig deeper.

Well good luck with this. You might be a bit luckier if you tried out Minimo,
as it might be a bit more flexible. Or try one of the browser that were
pointed out in a previous mail. There is also the gpe-mini-browser I work on,
and I got reports that its backend gtk-webcore does compile with GTK+
framebuffer support. However I haven't done it myself yet and I am looking for
a new rendering engine atm as gtk-webcore is not maintained anymore and I have
trouble to fix long-standing issues with it.

> Thanks for the pointer, though.

You're welcome. I try to be a friendly community member (although I might fail
at that sometimes)

Regards and good luck,


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