Re: Failed building Mozilla Firefox on GTK with the DFB backend

karuna karan wrote:


Step 1: Look up the *correct* mailing list

This might not be *the* correct list: but definitely appeared (at the time of
posting) to be a good candidate for further information.

I always considered this mailing list, togheter with directfb-dev, to be the most appropriate place to ask questions about development of GTK applications in embedded environements. I always found very competent people here who helped me many times and also showed to be interested in development of the DirectFB backend for GTK that karuna was referring to.

Step 2: Only mail the good one. Don't randomly mail one and cc it to tons of
different people that you might not know.

I had mailed it to one group and only after pondering over the consequences.
I had cc-ed it to people I knew/thought would be interested.

Indeed, mike and me are interested in GTKDFB developement, and Mike is working on a GTK web browser for embedded applications, whch is what karuna may be looking for.

I really wonder what gtk-devel has to do with mozilla. There are probabely
tons of mozilla/firefox mailinglists where you could ask this

The build had hit a gdk/gdkx problem while building Firefox with gtk as the toolkit. BTW: not having got any replies either from the mozilla-builds group and this must
have accounted for the franctic posting!

Developing a lightweight browser on top of GTK-DirectFB is a tricky challenge i'm interested in too, but requires a different approach from Mozilla/Firefox one, which is a big application meant to be used on desktop systems.



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