Re:Failed building Mozilla Firefox on GTK with the DFB backend

Hello Philippe/Group,

I apologize if my earlier post has offended you/any other member of this list.
As a matter of fact, I have been in touch with Attilio, Mike and a lot
of other people regarding gtk+ 2.x on RHL FC2/3 builds. Let me explain
further:I was trying to get mozilla on gtkdirectFB up and ran into some
issues. I was hoping someone working on gtk+ development might have
already tried this out and thus the previous call for help.

Step 1: Look up the *correct* mailing list

This might not be *the* correct list: but definitely appeared (at the time of
posting) to be a good candidate for further information.

Step 2: Only mail the good one. Don't randomly mail one and cc it to tons of
different people that you might not know.

I had mailed it to one group and only after pondering over the consequences.
I had cc-ed it to people I knew/thought would be interested.

I really wonder what gtk-devel has to do with mozilla. There are probabely
tons of mozilla/firefox mailinglists where you could ask this

The build had hit a gdk/gdkx problem while building Firefox with gtk as the toolkit. BTW: not having got any replies either from the mozilla-builds group and this must
have accounted for the franctic posting!

Seems it is still looking for X components.... gdk*X*.h should have pointed
that out to you.

Indeed. Seems to be a problem with the build system. This comes back even after
disabling the xft font stuff. Need to dig deeper.

Thanks for the pointer, though.

Karunakaran A.

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