Re: Turning off the slice allocator

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Matthias Clasen wrote:

Federico asked for this earlier, so I sat down and wrote a very
quick patch. It doesn't make everything in SliceConfig available via G_DEBUG,
just the always_malloc flag for now. Thats probably enough for most
people who want to turn off the slice allocator to debug memory overruns.

With the patch, you can do G_DEBUG=always_malloc foobar
to have foobar run without slice allocator. The patch currently
overrides a value set by g_slice_set_config().

Tim, do you think this is good enough ?

hmmm, no. or better, it's not exactly what _i_ had in mind for gslice ;)

i'm currently working on a dedicated G_SLICE_DEBUG (or G_SLICE_CONFIG)
variable that can support different checking/debugging modes, similar to
MALLOC_CHECK_ as documented in glibc's malloc(3).

what i think would be great though is if you reworked your patch to support
G_DEBUG=gc-friendly which sets some glib variable glib_mem_gc_friendly to TRUE.
then, all the #ifdef ENABLE_GC_FRIENDLY statements in glib can be changed to
if (glib_mem_gc_friendly), to enable memory debugging/profiling without
recompilation of glib (and for stock distribution binary packages).



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