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On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 22:35 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> 2006-01-23  Matthias Clasen  <mclasen redhat com>
> Add GtkLinkButton, a port of GnomeHRef.  (#314808, Emmanuele Bassi)
> * gtk/gtklinkbutton.h:
> * gtk/gtklinkbutton.c: New files.
> * gtk/gtk.h:
> * gtk/gtk.symbols:
> * gtk/ Glue.
> * gtk/gtkaboutdialog.c: Use GtkLinkButton.

Hi Matthias,

I really like the fact that we now have GtkLinkButton.  It's a neat
little widget.  I don't like the fact that every instance of every
clicked button has to handle the 'clicked' signal itself.  

We can add a call like gtk_about_dialog_set_url_hook() to the link
button to set it globally for all link buttons, but I'd like to do
better than that.  The user's browser preferences exist in GConf; lets
try to get it out of there.

We'd traditionally try to do this with gnome_program_init in libgnome.
However, we're trying to deprecate those libs precisely because people
didn't like adding an additional library just to get desktop support.
Here are a couple other approaches we could take here:

1. Make GTK+ depend on GConf
   PROS: Makes this (and a lot of other similar problems) very easy
   CONS: Doesn't work with OSX/Windows; likely to be very controversial

2. Push it out to XSettings
   PROS: Solves this specific problem in the short run.  Has the
potential to be cross-desktop.
   CONS: Doesn't really scale in the long run.  Also, XSettings is
intended for cross-desktop settings, not everything.

3. Add a loadable module to the environment
   PROS: Lets us push a lot of other configuration in there.  We already
do it for the file chooser.
   CONS: Possibly break applications that weren't expecting it.

All of these solutions also have the problem that a well-written
application will also have to add their own hooks as fallbacks in the
case they don't run on a desktop.

Any one else have any thoughts here?



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