Re: Depending on C99 (Re: GtkBindingSignal changes)

On 05.01.2006 17:26, Roger Leigh wrote:
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Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> writes:

Visual C++ 6.0 doesn't support C99 variadic macros.

It's over eight years old.  The last time I checked, anyone could
download the latest MS compiler from the MS website, so I don't think
there's any good reason to restrict yourselves to this compiler's
Have you used any of the MS compilers to compile at least Glib?
The last free (as in in beer) version did not support linking with
the C-runtine as DLL at all.
But this is a requirement of GLib working on native win32.
Even with mingw.

You can only take portability so far until it becomes
counter-productive.  Why not just make proper C99 support the minimum

Why not simply drop usage of anything else than the latest GCC?
And ony be portable to differnt flavours of Linux? *No* NOT serious.


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