Re: [gtk-devel-list] Japanese characters in paths (GTK 1.2)


sorry for lating.

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 14:42:48 +0100
Philippe Morange <pmorange gmail com> wrote:
>The application is all in English for now.
>But we have people using it on Japanese computers. So they have directories
>on their file system that are in Japanese.
>Currently, the application is not capable of opening these directories,
>because they are "invisible".

I see. Before testing, I have to note that the character
encodings of filename on Japanese computers are very confused.
Traditionally, most Japanese UNIX systems have used EUC-JP
encoding (and some of recent systems use UTF-8), so their
native filename should be encoded by EUC-JP (or UTF-8).
But, MS Windows for Japanese market uses Shift-JIS encoding
for filename on removable devices. By attached files in E-mail,
file exchanging via floppy/USB flash memories, often files &
directories with Shift-JIS pathnames appear in UNIX system
of EUC-JP encoding. Oops.

See attached picture. The directory includes 2 files: one
is encoded by EUC-JP, another is encoded by Shift-JIS.
As you can see, Shift-JIS encoded filename is not displayed
correctly. I suppose the problem you received from Japanese
user is similar.

There's no patch for gtk+-1.2.x, to fix this pathname encoding
problem. gtk+-2.x has the autodetection hook that works if

>I will investigate X fonts, X server, locale, gtkrc and others.
>Do you know values that work for these ?

It's difficult to tell howto, there's too many landmines.
If you have enought sparetime, please check step-by-step
discussion between I and Xyber Blue:


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