Re: Pluggable widgets II

- If theme authors were supposed to use this API, a lot of crazy (and
reasonable) ideas could be implemented. Of the top of my head (from reasonable
to crazy):

Wouldn't this run into the following problem?

Themes are unloadable modules. GTypes in themes must be registered on
a GTypeModule, because the types can be unloaded, re-registered, etc.
The GTypeFactory would "appoint" a type in a theme to replace, say,
the GtkFileChooser with the Win32 native file chooser. The user then
changes the theme. The next time an application calls
gtk_file_chooser_new(), it crashes because the appointed type no
longer exists.

I was also wondering if we might be able to use this "replace all the
g_object_new() calls with a factory" opportunity to make GTK+
unloadable, so that people could use it in DLLs. If, at initialization
time, one could "appoint" a GTypeModule that does all object
registration and instantiation, perhaps we could enable that use case
as well.

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