Re: has anyone valgrind'd gtk?

On 12/6/06, gtk amnesia accessgate com sg <gtk amnesia accessgate com sg> wrote:
The reality is that gtk is leaking.

It could well be, but I'd be a bit surprised. Every few months of
hacking I try to take the time to get my project to valgrind cleanly.
It's about 100,000 lines of C in the UI part. The only leaks I see in
GTK are static initialisation (maybe I'm not pushing GTK very hard).

My REAL QUESTION(s) are who do I report fixes to? (quickly backed up by: if I
need help understanding what's going on, and specifically, why something isn't
being freed in the first place, who do i ask) ?

If you have a leak and a testcase (and a patch, even better), open a
bug in bugzilla. I've had good experiences with this ... the few bugs
I've found and patched have been added to gtk cvs within a couple of

Questions about gtk internals are probably best directed to gtk-devel-list.


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