Re: has anyone valgrind'd gtk?

On Mi, 2006-12-06 at 22:00 +0800, gtk amnesia accessgate com sg wrote:
> The reality is that gtk is leaking.

Let's call it »Your test case is leaking« (whether or not GTK+ is the
source of that needs to be checked).

> g_signal_newv() from within a g_object_new() from within a gtk_window_new()
> isn't freed.

This sounds to me that the window is not destroyed, which would be a bug
in your testcase. Can you please reply to this email with your testcase
attached (I'm pretty sure we can talk about leaks more easily if we are
all able to run the test case on our own).

> alot of the pango stuff (mostly called from within the gtk_label stuff, or from
> within the gtk_text stuff) not being freed.

Sounds like the label didn't get destroyed yet (which would make sense
with my guess above).


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