Re: Canvas and Gladebuilder API in gtk??

Le samedi 02 d�mbre 2006 �3:53 +0100, Mikael Hermansson a �it :
> Hello gtk developers.
> For a long time now I have study the gtk+ and its development.
> And  here is some things we really need to make better in GTk+ to make
> it success as a good toolkit.
> Kill gnomecanvas and integrate a canvas widget in gtk+
> * What is the status of
> foocancanvas
> goocanvas
> The other canvas Havoc talked about for some time ago.. (dont remember
> the name...

libccc (criawips canvas). I made some tests recently with it, and I feel
it shows great promises, even if it is probably some more work to
migrate from GnomeCanvas to CriawipsCanvas than to GooCanvas. Foocanvas
is not based on cairo.


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