Canvas and Gladebuilder API in gtk??

Hello gtk developers.

For a long time now I have study the gtk+ and its development.

And  here is some things we really need to make better in GTk+ to make
it success as a good toolkit.

Kill gnomecanvas and integrate a canvas widget in gtk+

* What is the status of

The other canvas Havoc talked about for some time ago.. (dont remember
the name...

* Kill Glade and integrate similar direct in GTK+

* What is the status of


There has been lots of talk about this in some years now and we REALLY
need to fix this.

Don't take this message wrong I know lots of you working hard with GTK+
but it really is time to do something with this issues to make GTK+ and
Linux success :-)

Sorry my poor english. I need to write more english too i think :-/



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