Re: Reverting to non-async file chooser

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 10:57 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:

> > I'm getting kind of nervous that RC1 for GNOME 2.16 is a few days away.
> > Help is much appreciated to finish the tasks above that are not done.
> Any news on this? We could roll a RC2 soonish if this helps with
> testing.

Kris has a fix for overwrite-confirmation, which should work in most
cases.  It won't always work for very large folders.  We'll be reworking
it to handle all cases properly, of course.

I'm ready to commit some changes for libgnomeui/file-chooser which
*will* break GTK+, but which are needed in the long run.  These are the
changes which make the async callbacks have different cancelation
semantics.  I'll work tomorrow on modifying GTK+ according to these

So, this is what I'd like to do:

1. commit to libgnomeui

2. wait for Kris to commit his fixes to GTK+

3. synchronize Kris's overwrite-confirmation changes in libgnomeui

4. fix the cancelation stuff in GTK+

5. smoke-test this, make sure it passes the automatic tests, etc.

6. commit to GTK+

7. We can release RC<next>

I know of some regressions from 2.14 --- SMB browsing from the file
chooser won't work, since that code got broken way before the async file
chooser stuff (if you care, someone removed my beautiful
SuckyDesktopItem and replaced it with a GKeyFile).  This needs to be
fixed with some care, and could use a couple automated tests.  I'll take
care of it.  I'd rather release 2.16 with broken SMB browsing in the
file chooser (it still works in Nautilus), than delay the release.

Also, after the release we can work into fixing overwrite-confirmation
for good.  Kris's partial patch is okay for now.


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