Re: Reverting to non-async file chooser

- Large chunks of the test suite just fail.  It looks like the automated
test suite never got run after the merge of the async code got done.

I hate to say it, but the blame for that goes largely to the person
doing the merge.

... plus brilliant things like a ton of compiler warnings in libgnomeui,
which indicate that the code wasn't even built with -Wall:

gtkfilesystemgnomevfs.c:979: warning: format '%s' expects type 'char *',
but argument 5 has type 'struct GnomeVFSURI *'

Ugly, but fixable and hardly a reason to throw the child out with the
bath water.

I.e. this was not tested at all after the merge.  I'm going to revert it
until it gets fixed in a branch.

I don't think changing the filechooser backend ABI like this in the middle of
a stable series is compatible with the stability guarantees we associate with
stable GTK+ releases.


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