Re: Design decisions for GLib and GTK+ on Win32

I wrote:
 > - Can the support for Win9x be dropped from GLib and GTK+ HEAD? Note
 > that cairo has never worked on Win9x, so GTK+ has de facto not worked
 > on Win9x since 2.8 anyway.

OK, there seemes to be no major opposition to this, being done now.

 > - Can the support for 256-colour (palettized) display mode be dropped
 > from GTK+ HEAD?

I'm not doing this, not yet at least. If I can figure out a way to
test whether 256-colour mode works currently, and it doesn't, I will
drop it though...

 > - Can support for the ActiveIMM thingie used to implement IMEs on NT4
 > (and Win9x) be dropped?

I am doing this, too.

 > - Can Uniscribe be made non-optional in pangowin32? 

I am not sure about this yet. It should be self-evident that a
production build of Pango should use Uniscribe. But maybe it is a good
idea to continue letting people who want to debug or developer Pango
on Win32, and can't be bothered to download the Platform SDK, build it
without Uniscribe, though.


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