Re: Inplace Tips for GtkTreeView (#346992)

On 8/17/06, Tim Janik <timj imendio com> wrote:
stock windows XP has actually quite a lot of dialogs where only partial
cell contents are visible, and on occasions you're even unable to resize
the windows/trees up to a dimension where the full text would be visible.
so there it's quite essential to have this feature, and given the right
set of dialogs (user/service administration) you get to use it quite
often too.

We leverage this (the predecessor version) in Quod Libet to allow many
text columns in a very thin window. It's amazingly effective. And I
agree that the implementation is quite different from tips, even
though there are good arguments to keep the appearance similar.

so while my above email should count as a "yes" vote, you'll actually have
to get Kris convinced to help you get this in, because there's probably no
one else currently who could do the required mentoring for you ;)

Thanks for the supporting opinion. I think anyone with good gtk+ skill
could mentor the bulk of my patch cleanup, as I haven't even learned
gtk+ refcount standards yet. The harder part, about whether we can
sneak the full-area without extending the current cell-renderer
interface will probably indeed fall to Kris.

I already clarified this with Kris; I think the yes/no he was trying
to answer was whether my patch would go in. I'm instead looking to
figure out whether there's enough chance that it's worth the effort of
readying the patch. It's because I understand that process will be a
lot of work that I requested an initial assessment of whether it had a

Since Kris has suggested it's worth trying to figure out if and how
more applications would use this capability, is there a preferred list
on which to ask that sort of question? My personal belief is that most
applications that use treeviews and ellipsization would choose to use
this if it were a simple property toggle.

Michael Urman

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