Re: 2.8.x incompatibility with Windows 2003 server

Daniel Kasak writes:
 > I realise that some people are not impressed with my use of the above
 > binary installer.

Well, it's not really a question of being impressed or not. It's just
that if you can't be bothered to verify your problems with the
official binaries from, there isn't really much we can do

The entry point gdk_draw_rectangle_alpha_libgtk_only you mentioned was
present in GDK in GTK+ 2.6, and called from GTK. As the name implies,
it was a very private entry point and not supposed to be used by other
code at all. Could it be that the Perl2 bindings you mention still
refer to that entry point? Or the theme switcher, for some obscure
reason? Or some of the themes you use (to get some "c00l" alpha

Could you investigate what DLL or EXE it is that refers to


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