Re: Usage of GTK+ headers

Kalle Vahlman writes:
 > I calculate that it takes more time to figure out what header provides
 > this and that every time you decide to add a feature which will need a
 > header not included yet than to just use the toplevels and face the
 > compilation time penalty.

I agree. And few developers bother removing headers that have became
unneeded after (re)moving code from a source file. Presumably, most
often developers just copy-paste the list of #includes from some other
random source file, instead of really making an effort to use just a
miminal set of headers. This certainly seems to be true in Evolution.

I know for sure that lots of Evo (including E-D-s) source files used
to include headers like <sys/uio.h> or <pthread.h>, for instance, even
if no corresponding functionality was used in the source files in
question. This doesn't really give credibility to a claim that the set
of included gtk*.h headers in Evo source files would be carefully


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