Re: Proposal for GTK+ advanced formatted entry and spinner

The problem with the GtkTextBuffer as I see it is that it will take alot of coding to implement a formatted entery and especially a formatted spinner. Just to make it clear, an (not ver good, but somewhat explanatory) example for a formatted spinner can be seen in the MS-Windows Date and Time Properties window (double click the task-bar clock).
Using a GtkTextBuffer it would require to insert several UI elements into the buffer, and connect them somehow. Another problem it will bring is that formatted entry and spinbutton should be a simple, one-liner element, not a buffer. It should be used to assist the user in handling well-formed small pieces of data, like date, time, ip address, and other, user defined data (I am developing a system that include geographic elements, so I could also use it for Lat/Long element, and several grid elements, each with a different format).
Perhaps there should be another widgets, like there are GtkEntry and GtkCompletionEntry, there will also be GtkFormattedEntry and GtkFormattedSpinner.

Please let me know what you think, and if there is a different place I should post this idea.

P.S. Hans, sorry for the double post, I'm still getting used to this mailing-list conversation thing and how it works... :)

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