Re: Proposal for making the GtkFileChooser code asynchronous

On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 12:07 +0100, Kristian Rietveld wrote:
> We are indeed going to add a toplevel gtk_file_system_get_info(), I was
> not thinking of removing gtk_file_folder_get_info() though.  Does it
> make sense to remove it?  I don't think leaving it were it is now will
> hurt anything.

Take it out.  Let's clean out the old API.

> > Kris also had plans for folder_list_children(); it doesn't make much
> > sense to call it until the folder in question has emitted the
> > "finished-loading" signal.
> The idea is that you get the requested GtkFileFolder via a callback,
> then you will be notified of any newly added files via the "files-added"
> signal.  My plan was to have folder_list_children() return a partial
> result here.  Until "finished-loading" is received, then
> folder_list_children() can return a list of children of the entire
> folder.

Oh, excellent.


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