Re: Proposal for making the GtkFileChooser code asynchronous

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 11:06:17AM +0100, Tim Janik wrote:
> >  gboolean gtk_file_system_cancel_operation (GtkFileSystem        
> >  *file_system,
> >                                             GtkFileSystemHandle  *handle,
> >                                             GError              **error);
> hm, since with GtkFileSystemHandle you already have an extra 
> object/structure
> per operation, couldn't you simply store the GtkFileSystem*file_system 
> pointer
> in it, so this can become (plus cancellation-cant-fail):
>   void     gtk_file_system_cancel_operation (GtkFileSystemHandle  *handle);
> and, if the handles are really only in place for asyncronous operations,
> wouldn't naming it like that make more sense:
>   void     gtk_file_async_handle_cancel_operation (GtkFileAsyncHandle  
>   *handle);

I went with the name gtk_file_system_cancel_operation() for now, because
the cancel operation needs to be implemented by the GtkFileSystem
backend.  So I think it makes sense here to have the prefix

Also, I guess you are also thinking of dropping the GtkFileSystem
argument from all callbacks, if we decide to include it in the

> oh, and is this actually going to be a ref-countable object?

The plan was to have each async function return a newly allocated
handle, which is not ref-countable.

> i think this has been raised in some of the other comment emails already:
> since the callback handler will have to deal with errors anyway, you could
> make it easier on the caller if you removed the error argument from all
> the gtk_file_system_*() functions and deliver the errors only through the
> callback. that means the caller has to implement error handling only once.


> shouldn't this have a GtkFileSystemHandle* ?
> same here, shouldn't this have a GtkFileSystemHandle* ?

Yes, I forgot to add those in my mail.

> >  GdkPixbuf *gtk_file_system_volume_get_icon (GtkFileSystem        
> >  *file_system,
> >                                              GtkFileSystemVolume  *volume,
> >                                              gint                  
> >                                              pixel_size,
> >                                              GError              **error);
> couldn't you just leave gtk_file_system_volume_render_icon() the way it is,
> and introduce
>   GdkPixbuf* gtk_file_info_render_icon (GtkFileInfo *file_info,
>                                         GtkWidget   *widget,
>                                         gint         pixel_size,
>                                         GError     **error);
> instead of introducing a _get variant that just takes the widget argument
> implicitely from some place else?

This sounds like a very good idea, and should be possible to do (unless
I am overlooking something).  I will also adapt the propsal at this



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