Re: Proposal for making the GtkFileChooser code asynchronous


Some questions about this topic:

>   The functions 
gtk_file_folder_list_children() and gtk_file_folder_get_info()
>   will 
not be changed.

Are these ones going to be blocking calls, or do they 
return a partial result?

>   Right now gtk_file_system_render_icon() 
is synchronous, because it needs
>   some information about the file in 
order to be able to render a suitable
>   icon.  We think that loading 
icons asychronously, during the asynchronous
>   folder loading 
process, is the way to go.  Because we need a widget to
>   render 
icons for us, we need to add:
>   void gtk_file_system_set_widget 
(GtkFileSystem *file_system,
GtkWidget     *widget);

Currently both unix and gnome-vfs backend 
return icon theme images. 
Is there a reason why we couldn't just 
return icon name, skip the widget
parameter completely and let the 
GtkFileSystemModel to handle the rest?

Markku Vire

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