Some Question about License


    Our organization is planning a big project which
is a Linux-Embedded system and will be sold as
products in the market.
    Through our investigation, We want to use Gtk+ at
our system. But when we investigate the license of
gtk+ we met some trouble.

    We know the when we compiling the GTK+, we need
those sofeware which record at
   They are:
       1. pkg-config
       2. TIFF
       3. Libpng
       4. JPEG
       5. cairo
       6. FreeType
       7. libiconv
       8. gettext
       9. Glib
       10. Pango
       11. ATK 

   So which is necessary for the Gtk usage? 

   And we investigate each License to get this:
      1. GPL 
      2. BSD
      3. zlib/libpng License
      4. GPL/LGPL 
      5. LGPL/MPL
      6. FreeType License/GPL
      7. LGPL 
      8. GPL/LGPL(gettext-runtime)
      9. LGPL
      10. LGPL
      11. LGPL

   Is that correct?

   Through each Software we meet some trouble.
   For Example:
     JPEG:GPL/LGPL. This is our comprehend of the
COPYING and some record in the ansi2knr.c. Through our
understand, Gtk+ should be distributed under the GPL.
     pkg-config: GPL.

    How to understand the Gtk+ under the LGPL?

    BTW: When we use the Gtk+, should we need to
connect the each software team which Gtk+ use
requirement to get the License? 
    For Example: Gtk+ need glib, we must to connect
you to get a glib license? If we must do like this,
could you give our some advise? And whether we need to
investigate the reuqirement of glib?

   Maybe Those of questions are not suitable, but any
informations will help us a lot.

   Thank you very much again!
   Wish a successful further cooperation!

Best regards

Zhan Zhaohua

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