Re: Some Question about License

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005 23:49:30 -0800 (PST)
Zhan Zhaohua <webpurchasing yahoo com> wrote:

> Dear:
>     Our organization is planning a big project which
> is a Linux-Embedded system and will be sold as
> products in the market.
>     Through our investigation, We want to use Gtk+ at
> our system. But when we investigate the license of
> gtk+ we met some trouble.
>     We know the when we compiling the GTK+, we need
> those sofeware which record at
> "";
>    They are:
>        1. pkg-config
>        2. TIFF
>        3. Libpng
>        4. JPEG
>        5. cairo
>        6. FreeType
>        7. libiconv
>        8. gettext
>        9. Glib
>        10. Pango
>        11. ATK 
>    So which is necessary for the Gtk usage? 

The image loading libraries (tiff, libpng and jpeg) are not really
needed. Perhaps GTK+ refuses to compile without them, but it will
definitely work without them at runtime (being unable to load images of
the corresponding formats of course). Although GTK+ can be configured
to use different back-ends, the only fully working one in Linux is the
X11 based one. So GTK+ also depends on X11 libraries. 

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