Re: Some Question about License

Zhan Zhaohua wrote:

    Our organization is planning a big project which
is a Linux-Embedded system and will be sold as
products in the market.
    Through our investigation, We want to use Gtk+ at
our system. But when we investigate the license of
gtk+ we met some trouble.

    We know the when we compiling the GTK+, we need
those sofeware which record at
   They are:
       1. pkg-config
       2. TIFF
       3. Libpng
       4. JPEG
       5. cairo
       6. FreeType
       7. libiconv
       8. gettext
       9. Glib
       10. Pango
11. ATK So which is necessary for the Gtk usage?

pkg-config is only required for building GTK (and dependencies) from source. Cairo is only required for GTK 2.8 - you can use earlier versions of GTK if you don't want Cairo.

Glib (utility library), ATK (accessibility) and Pango (font system) are required. I'm not sure whether the other dependencies can be optional.


libjpeg is not GPL, but instead uses its own license (the Fedora RPM calls it "redistributable"). You should read it yourself by downloading jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz at
See the "LEGAL ISSUES" section of the README file.

And you may want to read the GPL FAQ:
That page also answers a few questions about the LGPL.

The LGPL boils down to something like this: you can dynamically link to LGPL libraries, and you can distribute LGPL libraries with your (proprietary) application, but you must also provide the source code of the LGPL libraries.
I'm not a lawyer though.

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