Re: building glib on win32

>  > I'm having trouble building glib 2.6.4 on win32.
> With Microsoft's compiler, presumably?

VS.NET 2002

>  >  * IsDebuggerPresent is only available in later versions of the windows
>  >    API.  WINVER and/or __WIN32_WINNT need to be defined >= 0x0400 in
>  >    order for this call to get declared.
> Hmm, in what version of MSVC is __WIN32_WINNT less than 0x0400? That
> API is after all present since Win98 and NT4. I wouldn't call those
> Windows versions "late".

Apparently by default the compiler sets this low.  It seems that the
makefiles will need to specify this.

>  > After hacking this to "work", one of the .exes build later fails to
>  > build, 
> Please give details.

Well some of these were missing files.  nmake -f makefile.msc clean
deletes too much, and perl and such is needed to continue.

Some of these are missing libs, which I assume is from problems with the
.symbols files being used to generate the .defs.  For example,
gobject-query.c fails to link because g_type_* symbols are missing.

So I guess these are just further instances of the symbols file


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