Re: policy for commiting api docs

Hi Owen and others,
On Sat, 2005-04-30 at 19:42 +0000, Unknown wrote:

Hey Stefan -

I noticed that the * GtkBinding modules is undocumented
* signals for the GtkTreeView are undocumented

I volunteer to work on this (grepping though the changelogs of the file
and asking here). Docs are important - it's quite unfair of the ones who
originally wrote the code to leave out the docs.

We didn't have a API docs system when GtkBinding was created. We didn't
have a standard way of documenting signals when GtkTreeView was
created :-)

Now I'd like to know, if I may commit doc additions right away or if I
should better send a patch to bugzilla and/or this list for review.

bugzilla, at least for now.


Will do. I am half through with the changes. Two questions though:
1.) I'd like to change all '_' in signal names to '-' while at it.
2.) I'd like to rename all those arg1, arg2,.. argument names to some sensible ones.

Is that okay?


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