Re: annoying glib licencing stuff

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 09:49 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> The problem with making the license for the gtk and glib api docs more
> explicit is that we currently don't have a list of contributors. Someone
> will have to sit down with cvs annotate and produce such a list, before
> we can contact all contributors to ask for their agreement on whatever
> license we want to put in the docs.

Here is the list of contributors which was built out of:
  - cvs commits in all the files contained under the docs directory by
various cvs users who have an account.
  - cvs log messages for all the files contained under the docs
directory which reference some else than the commiter.

I am pretty convinced it is extremely inclusive (i.e., I am pretty sure
I did not miss anyone) since I parsed each log at least 3 times. I
propose to send a message to each of these people along the following
lines. This should clear up the licensing issue. I don't really know
what to do once this information has been gathered. Specifically, I
thing we need to:
  - add proper licensing information at the top of each documentation
(glib and gobject documents) which should be a matter of copying the
licensing statement at the start of the <bookinfo> statement.

  - add proper credit to those who contributed: it would be nice to add
a small list somewhere in the documentation, probably another chapter at
the end of the documentation. It would be nice if there was a way to
ensure that these lists are maintained when a patch from someone is

  - add copyright statements: I have no idea on how to deal with this.
It is pretty easy with source code: the copyright statement at the top
of each source file is maintained by the contributors themselves. Maybe
a similar solution with xml comments at the top of each file would be a
first step. I think the license also requires a copyright statement to
appear next to the license statement. I have no idea what this statement
should contain. Should it simply be a list of the copyright statements
located at the top of each file ? I don't know. Comments are welcome.


We are trying to clear up the licensing status of the glib documentation
and the cvs logs show that you have directly or indirectly contributed
to this part of glib. We would appreciate if you could take a few
minutes to answer the few questions below.

1) Have you really contributed to the glib documentation ? If so, how
big was that contribution ?
  - a few typos
  - more than a few typos

2) If you have contributed "more than a few typos" to the glib
documentation, we need to know who owns the copyright on your
contribution. If you contributed this work as a part of your daytime
payed job, then your employer most likely owns that copyright and we
need to know who that is. Otherwise, you most likely own that copyright
and we need to know this.

3) If you have contributed "more than a few typos" to the glib
documentation, we need you to confirm that the "copyright holder"
identified in (2) has accepted the glib documentation license. A copy of
that license is available there:
Do you confirm that your contribution follows this license ?
  - yes
  - no

Adam Hooper
Alexander Larsson
Ali Abdin  <aliabdin aucegypt edu>
Ali Harlow ali juiblex co uk
Amaury Jacquot
Christian Biere
Christian Persch
Christophe Fergeau
Crispin Flowerday
Damon Chaplin
Danek Duvall
Daniel Veillard
Danny Milo
Darin Adler
Daryll Strauss
Dennis Haney
Ed Griffiths
Eric Lemings <eric b lemings lmco com>
Fabrice Bauzac noon users sourceforge net
Federico Mena Quintero
Hans Breuer
Havoc Pennington
James Henstridge
Jared Lash
Jonathan Blandford
jong metamud org
Josh Parsons
Linux Walleij
Mariano Su�z-Alvarez
Mark Jones
Martin Schulze
Martyn Russell
Mathieu Lacage
Matthias Clasen
Morten Welinder
Murray Cumming
Nickolay V. Shmyrev
Nils Rennebarth <nils ipe uni-stuttgart de>
Olivier Sessink
Owen Taylor
Philippe Blain
Phillip Vandry
Raja R Harinath
Ray Strode  rstrode redhat com
Ron Steinke
Sebastian Bacher
Sebastian Wilhelmi
Shawn T. Amundson
Soeren Sandmann
Stefan Kost
Stepan Kasal
Sven Herzberg
Sven Neumann
Takeshi Aihana
Thomas Vander Stichele
Tim Janik
Tom Copeland
Tommi Komulainen
Tor Lillqvist
Vincent Untz

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