Re: annoying glib licencing stuff

Hi Mathieu,

I received a patch from a user of the gobject documentation I wrote a
while so I spent a while integrating his typo fixes in the glib cvs HEAD

The attached patch (typos.patch) which I have not yet committed contains
his fixes and a few other typo fixes I had lying around. Am I allowed,
to check in myself without prior approval patches which touch only the
docs/reference/gobject/tut_*.xml files ?

I guess the typo.patch needs no discussion and should be commited right away.

I must say that I am a bit annoyed by two things about the current state
of cvs HEAD:

  - the list of contributors has disappeared from the documentation.
While I don't mind moving it to some place less visible than it was
before, I would like to keep it in the xml.

  - my copyright as well as my name have disappeared from the source xml
and are not visible anywhere in the source tree despite what the license
it was released under requires (see docs/reference/COPYING).
Good point! IMHO all gtk-docs should have an appendix with sections such as licence, contributors, etc.

I would be happy if someone could approve the other patch attached
  - re-add the list of contributors in a separate chapter at the end of
the gobject-doc.sgml file.
  - add a copyright statement at the top of gobject-doc.sgml including
me and the other major contributors. I have no idea who the "other major
contributors" are for the parts of the document I did not write and the
parts which are automatically extracted from the source code so I did
put only my name there. (adding more is a matter of adding a <copyright>
tag with its <year> and <holder> tags)



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