simputer Gtk development problems


I am developing a gtk application using glade on
strong arm 1110 based simputer with 16 MB flASH and 32
MB ram.

I am encountering the following problems:

1. Applicaion startup takes about 40 seconds (AFTER
boot up upon clicking the applicaion icon/menu item).
One observation I made was if i commented out the
add_pixmap_directory funcation call it is faster by
say 20 seconds.
The application is very simple and must not take so
much time to load.

Is add_pixmap_directiry a culprit? does it load xpms
into memory? Or can i use the default
/usr/share......path to put pixmaps?

2. Calls like 


Then calls for setting the mouse pointer seem to slow
up processing and navigation.

Is there any way to speed up and improve both the

Thanks in advance for the information


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