g_object_class_install_property, but no g_object_class_remove_property


is there a logical reson against having g_object_class_remove_property() as well. I looked at the code. g_object_class_install_property() uses g_param_spec_pool_insert() and there is a matching g_param_spec_pool_remove(), so should be fairly easy to be done.

My scenario. For GStreamer I would like to do musical instrument plugins. An instrument can have multiple voices.
Properties are e.g.

properties common to all voices:
 waveform, filter-type, ...
properties per voice
 note_%02d, volume_%02d, ...

Means, I would like to add the same set of properties a multiple times (thus the number post fix). While I can do that, I cant easily get rid of them. I would like to avoid calling
g_param_spec_pool_remove() myself.

Any comments.


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