introspection and broken API


Back in the day when I was working on the Inti C++ bindings, one of the
objectives was to clean up the cruft from the GTK+ C API. Some examples
of cleanups one might do:

 - put the main loop only in the GLib layer, no gtk_main visible
 - hide color allocation, just always use the GdkRGB stuff
 - fix some of the other examples of weird X features leaking through
 - gdk_drawable_get_size() replaced by get_width()/get_height() 
 - omit deprecated APIs
 - omit non-multihead-correct APIs

I'm thinking about this because in looking at Java-GNOME it doesn't do
these cleanups, I would guess because it isn't always obvious what to
clean up.

Should these sort of cleanups be in some way shared between language
bindings (e.g. by including them in the introspection layer)?


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