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Sven Neumann wrote:


Dru <andru treshna com> writes:

Under GtkCombo the dropdown list showed your currently selected item
in the popup list.  The new combo boxes dont do this, if you have a
large list of it makes navigation a bit more difficult if you dont
know what you had selected before. Is there anyway to get this
behavour or suggestions of what code to modify to make this happen?

The default behaviour is to show the selected item. Either your code
is doing something wrong or your GTK+ theme is somehow broken.

I changed theme back to gtk default.   I am struggling to find gnome
apps or tool that use GtkComboBoxEntry so i can't find a common app to demonistrate
how it doesnt work other than the code i have written.
Heres a link to a screenshot
the item selected previously is a few pages down, but the list doesnt jump to it or select it. I suspect the priv->tree_view selection isn't been selected properly somewhere.

The effects can be seen also with GtkComboBox.  In other apps you
can see the GtkComboBox problem, If you click the selection on GtkComboBox it doesnt show the previous selection highlighted in the list, but highlights on mouse over. It just centers the list vertically so what you had selected shows up. This behavour is ok because you only deal with small lists generally in a GtkComboBox, but when it comes to the GtkComboBoxEntry it isn't desierable. You have large lists dropped down below the
widget and its a lot harder to use than the old GtkCombo.

How i should attempt to solve this problem?
Do i revert back to using GtkCombo code? (that most apps have choosen to impliment GtkComboBox but not GtkComboBoxEntry indicates to me its not in wide use yet)
Do i try and fix gtkcombobox.c so that it behaves as i expect it to ?
Or should i work around it in my own code?

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