GtkComboBox and GtkComboBoxEntry

Hello. I'm in the midst of porting a number of GTK app's over from the old style GtkCombo to GtkComboBox and GtkComboBoxEntry code. I've got a few questions if anyone can help me out on solving. Under GtkCombo the dropdown list showed your currently selected item in the popup list. The new combo boxes dont do this, if you have a large list of it makes navigation a bit more difficult if you dont know what you had selected before. Is there anyway to get this behavour or suggestions of what code to modify to make this happen? Would setting the priv->tree_view widget cursor
make it work correctly?

Whats also annoying for the GtkComboBox is the popup list often shows on top of the widget so you have absolutely no way of knowing the orignal value.

Closer intergration between GtkEntryCompletion and GtkComboBoxEntry would be nice feature in the future. I have only spent a short time unsuccessfully getting the two widgets to work together, but I hope that I should be able to get the GtkComboBoxEntry working fine with autocomplete and use that as my main selection widget instead of the GtkComboBox.

The other thing that i find I am doing a lot is adding hash tables to ComboBox in order to find and set values. I generally operate with a key and display values and i find walking the list store a bit slow to do on very large data sets.

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