Re: "scrollwheel" kind of widget

>   I have made some modifications to the Gtk*Ruler widgets to obtain
> similar goal, to incorporate in gnumexp[1] for selecting the area of a
> math function to view.  I called it NxpRuler.  So it looks just like a
> normal gtk ruler, except that it highlights on mouse over, and you can
> drag it around with button 1, and scale/stretch with button 3.
>   I'm very happy with the obtained result.  Already proposed to the
> developers to use this widget, a few years ago, but got no feedback :|
>   Regarding the thumbwheel approach, yes, it does look more intuitive
> for first-time users.  But I think the NxpRuler highlight on mouse
> (and maybe we could change cursor too) makes it obvious that this
> is special and can be interacted with.  Moreover, a ruler is very
> to display distances, whilst the thumbwheel doesn't allow this.

I agree with you that irix-style thumpwheel is not the best solution. I
don't like that is has a fixed size. And the design has too much
character, it might not go well with every theme (and how should the
theme engines really draw it?).

Finally I have installed gnumexp. And, yes, that was very similar to
what I have in mind. But since it's function is to replace the
scrollbar, I think it's slightly too different from the scrollbar. And
the feature of scaling without keeping the aspect ratio I believe is
more of a misfeature outside the mathematical field of application. I
guess a separate zoom function is is the better in most cases. I'll ask
the usability people and see what they think.

Applications such as Dia was also what I had in mind. I made a mockup of
how I imagined that the widget could look like (in applications such as
Dia). I hope nobody minds that I post pictures to the list?

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