library dependency reduction (gtkhtml)

Hello all,

While doing some embedded work I decided to use gtkhtml to make a basic html
helpviewer. This work fine, so it is not about that. But I neglected the
several dependencies, which turned out to be quite high. So as the application
was already working fine I decided to take a look at trimming down gtkhml. I
started out with removing all includes that included bononbo includes and
discovered that everything compiled fine. After solving a little problem
related to () and N_() being defined in bonobo-i18n.h included from
gnome-i18n.h by copying in the relevant stuff to gnome-i18n.h everything
worked. So this relatively simple task removed three dependencies (libbonobo,
libonoboui and libbonobo-activation) for this lib. Because of my problem
described earlier this may actually happen more (and not only for libbonobo
etc). I am going to try to find out about other inter-library dependencies
that might exist (in my particular case) and maybe I can find some stranger
relations. If these can be removed this could make a substantial memory
reduction for gnome/gtk desktop/applications. As I do not have very much
experience with all this I would like to have feedback from more experienced
people (and I hope this post might inspire them to look at the number of
useless includes that might actually add bloat when using gnome libs)

Thank you,


PS: Is there a gtkhtml related list? I could not find one, and it might be
good to discuss this matter further with the relevant developers/users,
without having to contact them personally.

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