Re: gtk tutorial section on unix signals

On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 19:39:26 +0100, Andreas Rottmann <a rottmann gmx at> wrote:
> > IMHO it makes sense to include unix signals in the tutorial,
> > because in a gtk application one has to do more than just calling
> > signal (set up a pipe, encode the signals to the pipe, register
> > the pipe in the event loop, ...)
> >
> I'd rather see that code abstracted and put into GLib (like
> g_child_watch_add).

It would definitly be interesting to see a GSource implementation for
unix signals (ofcourse, specialy SIGCHLD).

My feelings on this tutorial is... I think its out of scope and may
cause more confusion to beginers then really being a help, people
may think "I can handle signals using glib" as a consiquence.

If someone is going to use signals in conjunction with pipes & 
sockets they should really be reading something like Steven's
"Advanced programming in the UNIX environment" and then lookup 
the tutorial to see how they are going to implement it using glib.

Just my 2 cents.


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