Re: gdk_destroy event, gtk_widget_destroy

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 10:39 +0300, Alper Akcan wrote:
> hi,
> here is a simple question about gdk ;) I am trying to port the gdk to a 
> home-brew windowing system, every thing goes ok but I could not manage to 
> close a gtk window from inside the gdk.
> the situation is, i can run test-gtk and all its windows, etc.. when I close a 
> window from its "CLOSE" push-button everything is ok. but I have to close it 
> when I push the magic "X" icon from the window decoration area, too.

See gtkwindow-decorate.c:gtk_decorated_window_button_release(). (You
should be able to put the event on the GDK queue instead of processing
it immediately.)


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