gdk_destroy event, gtk_widget_destroy


here is a simple question about gdk ;) I am trying to port the gdk to a 
home-brew windowing system, every thing goes ok but I could not manage to 
close a gtk window from inside the gdk.

the situation is, i can run test-gtk and all its windows, etc.. when I close a 
window from its "CLOSE" push-button everything is ok. but I have to close it 
when I push the magic "X" icon from the window decoration area, too.

So I tried something like this,

        GdkEvent *event;
        GdkWindow *event_win;

        event_win = .....; here event window is GDK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL. the 
that I want to close.

        event = gdk_event_new(GDK_DESTROY);
        event->any.window = event_win;
        event->any.send_event = TRUE;
        _gdk_event_queue_append(gdk_display_get_default (), event);

this is not working ;) it does not call gtk_widget_destroy when it receives 
the destroy event.

what am I doing wrong? 


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