Re: a GtkFileChooser comment

Le dim 26/09/2004 à 01:02, Jonathan Blandford a écrit :
> Both '..' and '~' functionalities already have keybindings (Alt Home and
> Alt-Up/Down).  I don't dislike the thought of adding extra features to
> the search dialog (like '*jpg'?) but I have two concerns about it.

<random ideas>

You could make '/' enter the previously selected directory. So if you
type '..', you select the parent directory and '/' changes to that
directory. Same thing for '~/', and '//' would go to the root.

If there's a file named "...And Justice For All.mp3", typing '..' would
show only this file and the parent dir in the listview (the parent dir
being selected), but typing another '.' would narrow the choice to the
file, or using the cursor keys would enable to select the right file.


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