a GtkFileChooser comment


I've played a bit with the filechooser in GTK+ HEAD and I have one
comment that I would like to share:

I don't really understand why typing '/' opens the Ctrl-L dialog
window. IMO it would be a lot more intuitive and also more convenient
if typing '/' would switch to the root directory of the filesystem. If
you'd agree with this, then probably typing '~' should make it switch
to the home directory. Also typing '..' would go up one directory and
typing '.' would cause it to be refreshed. In order to make this
behaviour consistent with the current typeahead behaviour, the
typed-in characters ('/', '~', '..') should be displayed in the search
entry at the bottom and would have to be acknowledged by pressing
Enter. That would also allow to open files that start with the
character '~'.

Such a change would make the Ctrl-L window unnecessary for keyboard
users. It should probably be kept around and bound to Ctrl-L but I
think the goal should be to obsolete it. Thus the current '/' binding
appears to be a step into the wrong direction.


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