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GtkFileSelection uses the current directory at the time of the widget creation. In the private function cmpl_init_state() the filesel's internal completion state is initialized by calling get_current_dir_utf8().

Worked like a charm on this one. I am currently having it check for the existence of ~/.gtk-bookmarks, and use the first bookmark as the default location to begin completion from. Would be nice if you guys started doing that :-)

The filesel's current directory will also be changed after creation if you call gtk_file_selection_set_filename() with a filename that includes a directory path component. The docs for gtk_file_selection_set_filename() say:

I'd also like to change the default behavior of GTKFileChooser as well, which defaults to the Home directory.

the default implementation (gtkfilechooserdefault.c) has an internal variable named current_folder. i bet if you put a watch on that in gdb you can find where it gets set.

I'm having a hell of a time trying to work this one out the same way though. I tried changing it when the bookmarks are being read, but this has the unfortunate side effect of setting each and every time the user opens another gtkfilechooser. I just want it to set it on the initial construction of the widget.

It looks as if that's what you can do in gtk/gtkfilechooserwidget.c when current_folder is assigned the value of the current directory, but changing it there had no effect at all.

I don't have much experience with GDB so my attempts to setup a watchpoint/breakpoint didn't work, or I would have used that approach as well.
Thanks for your help thus far.


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