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muppet wrote:

GtkFileSelection uses the current directory at the time of the widget creation. In the private function cmpl_init_state() the filesel's internal completion state is initialized by calling get_current_dir_utf8().

Thank you! That's what I needed. I wasn't sure if the autocompletion path was the same as the open/save path, but it does make sense.

The filesel's current directory will also be changed after creation if you call gtk_file_selection_set_filename() with a filename that includes a directory path component. The docs for gtk_file_selection_set_filename() say:

I had looked at this, but wasn't sure where to call it. I don't want the setting to override any setting other than the initial setting, which currently defaults to the users' working directory.

I'd also like to change the default behavior of GTKFileChooser as well, which defaults to the Home directory.

the default implementation (gtkfilechooserdefault.c) has an internal variable named current_folder. i bet if you put a watch on that in gdb you can find where it gets set.

Thanks again, I'll do that. I notice you guys are making alot of headway with things such as these (gtk bookmarks for instance - very nice feature). Any chance, in the future, that default directories like these could be set in a config file somewhere? (or in gconf)


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