Re: Win32 binaries for GTK+ 2.4.9

Jared Kells writes:
 > Is there a common instalation path for gtk on win32

Not really, nor should there be. Different sites/people have widely
varying conventions/needs. Home users typically have just one hard
drive "C:". But some machines (like mine, for instance) don't have any
"C:" drive at all. Larger installations want the stuff on a network
drive. Folders like "Program Files" have localized names on
non-English Windows machines. Etc.

 > I have seen some installers install gtk to system32 

I hope they don't put the DLLs directly in system32? That would be
very silly. Installing a GTK subfolder in system32 is perhaps not a
very good idea either.

 > some install them to Program Files\Common Files\gtk-2.0 but most
 > just install a local copy of gtk in the programs directory.

Either should be OK.

 > Is there or will there ever be an official gtk runtime installer
 > for windows?

"official" means there would be paid staff sitting in their offices
planning and implementing GTK for Windows. Not likely. At least that's
how I interpret the term. Jernej's installer presumably is the most
officialish you will get.


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