Re: Win32 binaries for GTK+ 2.4.9

I have a few Q's

Is there a common instalation path for gtk on win32, I have seen some
installers install gtk to system32 some install them to Program
Files\Common Files\gtk-2.0 but most just install a local copy of gtk in
the programs directory.

I have been using gtk on linux for a long time but have just started
developing an application which main target OS is windows. At the moment
I am heading towards including the gtk runtime in my applications
directory which I would really rather not do.

Is there or will there ever be an official gtk runtime installer for
windows? It really is overkill having every application installing its
own copy of gtk.

>From the gtk-win32 website
"There is no longer any zip archive with GIMP executables here. There
are GIMP 2 (and 1.2.5) installers at";

Should I consider this the official runtime installer?

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 12:58, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Fresh GTK+ binaries (DLLs etc) and an updated GLib 2.4.5 DLL are
> available at .
> This is GTK+ 2.4.9 plus the patches for bugs #145467, #151090 and
> #151581.
> I also recompiled the GLib 2.4.5 runtime to include the fixes for bugs
> #147392, #141124 and #150394.
> Unless somebody reports some serious problem with these binaries, I
> will make that page into "downloads.html" in a few days.
> --tml
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